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’ Because I learned separated really means married.” According to a Pew Research study from April, 6% of singles ages 55-64 are online dating, a far cry from the overwhelming 22% of 25-to-34-year-old singles signed up to find love.

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Update: You can also download a complete set of the PDFs in a zip file or as a zip file of JPGs if you prefer.Update: Take your Warbler ID skills to the next level with this free tip sheet on aging and sexing warblers.These contain, as a sort of instrument case, useful basic information on hidden hunger in Zambia and Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) and points of reference for creative-pragmatic enhancements as some kind of idea pool. See also the "Compare Versions" and "Compare Product Family" links in the sections below.

[added 9-8-2014] The opinions expressed on the Princeton University Press Blog, including those of authors published by the Princeton University Press, are not necessarily the opinions of the Press or Princeton University, are written independent of, and without collaboration with, the Press and are solely the responsibility of those authors and not the responsibility of the Press. - What you should back up before upgrading to a new version. - Installing multiple versions of Word Perfect on the same computer. Check the Corel site's Upgrade requirements before purchasing. Further, upgrades usually are offered to users of the prior two versions only.They are incredibly useful in the field because they present a quick snapshot of every North American species of warbler for side-by-side comparison.So pick your favorite format below — JPG or PDF — and make sure you pick up a copy of The Warbler Guide to confirm your field IDs.Even if you don't need to employ all the features covered in the article, it can serve as a reference for future use.