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We can relate to each other, but it could also make a terrible relationship if we don’t move at the same time or one of us does something wrong.

And I also wonder if we would be a constant reminder to each other of our pasts.

Young children are less likely to show distress but instead may express their memories through play.

Someone’s ability to do well at work, at school, with tasks at home, in social situations, or any other important area of functioning is significantly diminished because of PTSD ( Because PTSD pulls someone ever deeper into quicksand so that he/she is surrounded by the negative effects and feels he/she cannot escape, living with PTSD can be a nightmare.

We have been getting to know each other since April, his brother introduced us while this guy was in Afghanistan because he thought we’d be good for each other. We have started involving each other in things relating to our PTSD, which is a big step for both of us.

He took me to the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa (Huge ceremony up hear in the capital of Canada) with him, he’s never let anyone go before, not even family.

In the typical case, the individual with PTSD persistently avoids trauma-related thoughts and emotions, and discussion of the traumatic event, and may even have amnesia of the event.

However, the event is commonly relived by the individual through intrusive, recurrent recollections, flashbacks, and nightmares.