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First, Peregrines are the fastest creatures in the world, with an individual female Peregrine topping out at 261 MPH as she dove past her skydiving falconer chasing a lure he had dropped.

Of course, Peregrines don’t use their speed to have fun.

A young Peregrine just spilling from its eggshell might modify the statement to, “Time flies when you are growing up.” Every one of us that watched the chicks this year, as well as years past, would attest to the modified statement.You must be confident that you can ride all the way without falling off which damages the tow and lengthens the queue.After fresh snow road access can be difficult and some may be blocked, you travel at your own risk. Don't leave your car sticking out into the road you may block the snow plough.Constitution of the Society (PDF) The Michaelmas 2015 termcard is here: Termcard (PDF).Details about the upcoming events will be added to the Calendar.One becomes a member by joining the official mailing list (where all the activities of the Society are being announced and discussed).