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There is, high school sweathearts, the famous "bachelor & bacheloret" show, or even just randomly met each other on other famous "match.com".

Love is a beautiful thing, wether or not if its gay or straight, but love is love and nobody can controll who they love.

Having hope and faith thjat you will fing that perfect person is the best thing you could do for yourself.

you need to wait for the love to come to you and not go out and seek for it. The whole dating thing as a teenager in high school is really big. There are several high school sweathearts out in the world today.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for nine months and I am now two months pregnant. Dear Scared, You are in a difficult situation right now, especially that you have to figure a way of informing them that you are pregnant before they find out from elsewhere.

He is aware of the situation and is very supportive. Looking after a baby is not easy; this is where you need the support of your family.

They’ve watched their friends make millions of mistakes, and since they were on the outside, they were able to see the situation clearly and determine what should have been done differently. They’ve waited years to find someone worth their time — so there’s no chance of them settling inside or outside of the bedroom.

If I don’t date, I have to figure out how to get those connections through an alternate way, and if I do date, I have to figure out how to either connect to other asexual people (difficult) or negotiate expectations that romantic relationships be sexual relationships, too.

Life has a habit of making things messy around the edges.

Late bloomers might not have been in relationships of their own, but they know the ins and outs of dating. Having experience doesn’t mean you’re smarter than they are. It might take a late bloomer a little while to get adjusted to dating you, because the idea is so new to them, but they’re just as loving as anyone else.

For years, they’ve watched as their friends flirted and got asked out to dinner and had one-night stands. They aren’t moping around in their pajamas, wondering why nobody wants them. Just as giving and kind and compassionate – -maybe even more so.