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Dating with depression

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So often, they may be unwilling to get out of bed or do something.

With any ordinary person, it may be infuriating, waiting for them to rise up and do the things you want to do. A depressed person probably thinks they're the worst. The only reason anyone would want to be with them is because they feel bad for them.

Mental illness might be a chronic disease, but so is diabetes or asthma, and those aren’t usually relationship dealbreakers. This’ll help you better understand what’s happening inside the brain, and why.

Plus, your partner will probably think it’s super thoughtful that you did your homework.

Simply caring for someone won’t get you through the hard times. If my partner was having a bad day because of his illness, I would take it personally.

I spent the better part of five years dating someone with depression and it changed me.

It wasn’t always easy, but it was actually a pretty good relationship while it lasted.

It takes time, patience, and understanding to date someone who struggles with depression. Even if you have an accurate understanding of what depression entails, it's harmful to believe that you can cure it.

This is because you, as a romantic partner, are too involved.