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References to Microsoft products in this statement include Microsoft services, websites, apps, software and devices.

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Changzhou Myway Electronics Co Ltd is a professional company with more than 8 years experience in optical fiber commuication fields, specializing in FTTH tools and instruments including Fusion Splicer, OTDR, optical power meter, visual falut locator, fiber cleaver, optical tool kit, fiber optic tools and accessories.Welcome to Carytown Optical Shoppe, established in 1983 in Richmond, Virginia!

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So, scientists can estimate the age of the fossil by looking at the level of decay in its radioactive carbon.One of the most dramatic experiments to perform is the demonstration of the blind spot.The blind spot is the area on the retina without receptors that respond to light.Plants take in atmospheric carbon dioxide by photosynthesis, and are ingested by animals.So, every living thing is constantly exchanging carbon-14 with its environment as long as it lives. The carbon in its body will remain until it decomposes or fossilizes.For example, based on the primate fossil record, scientists know that living primates evolved from fossil primates and that this evolutionary history took tens of millions of years.